Brooklyn Epigrams 1

An epigram is a short poem; it comes from a greek word meaning “to inscribe”and would usually be carved on statues, but was also an early form of graffiti on Roman walls.

My attempt is to create visual poetry on the canvas; I use signs, symbols, blots, carving, erasure, and imaginary alphabets.

In short, all things that are in excess of the legible word in the act of writing, and which have all but disappeared in the digital age.

On the surface of the canvas, ruled like a notebook, I build a thick layer of gesso and paper. Then I trace lines into it with an engraving tool, gliding atop or tearing into it .

My first impulse is to make marks; then color will run into the folds, creases and tears, while leaving transparent veils in between.

The semantic field becomes a ploughed field, with its furrows, puddles, dark rocks and streaks of luminous meadows.